Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Open Access Week, 23rd to 29th October

Open Access Week

It’s the 10th Annual International Open Access Week and this year’s theme is about the reasons why we should think about publishing research Open Access, asking the question: “Open In Order To…”  See some examples here and add your thoughts to the story: https://openinorder.to/

You may have seen in the news that Stephen Hawking's PhD thesis has been made freely available as part of Open Access Week, but did you know you can also freely access many research outputs produced by Keele University staff? 

Keele’s Research Repository has almost 4000 documents with 75% published as Open Access and over 103,000 downloads of documents.  This month has the most downloads ever in the history of the repository (we’ve been live since 2014) showing that publishing documents Open Access is making research more widely available than ever before.  Check out the statistics here: http://eprints.keele.ac.uk/cgi/stats/report

Want to know more about Open Access at Keele?

Take a look at the Open Access page

Sign up to one of our training sessions, 'Everything you need to know about Open Access and the next REF'. Details here or book through Keele People. https://people.keele.ac.uk/

Find more information about the Library Research Support services and resources here: http://bit.ly/2xiCgN1

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