Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Publishing Your Research Open Access in the Keele Research Repository

Publishing your research Open Access ensures that your work can reach the widest possible audience. Publishing to a repository, such as, the Keele Research Repository is called the “Green route”, whereas publishing Open Access through a journal is known as the “Gold route” and you have to pay to publish in this way.

So what are the advantages of publishing your research Open Access?

  • More people can read your research without having to pay for it or log-in through subscription services.
  • More people can download your research freely and share it with other people.
  • More citations of your research are likely as it is more easily accessible to more people.
  • More research outputs are made available due to the ease of access to your research.

Of course, the other reason why you should publish your research into the Keele Research Repository is to ensure that it can be included in the next Research Excellence Framework. To ensure REF compliance, researchers must:

  • Deposit their peer-reviewed, final accepted manuscript to the Keele Research Repository (this is not the final published version that includes publisher typesetting).
  • Ensure that anything published after 1st April 2016 is submitted to the repository within 12 weeks of the date of acceptance by the publisher.

The table below shows the ten most accessed and downloaded research papers from January 2016 to December 2016 from the Keele Research Repository. All these papers are available through Open Access. Just click on the link to access the paper.

Full Text Article Requests from the Keele Research Repository (Jan 2016-Dec 2016).  Data taken from IRUS-UK

Number of Requests
Dr Julie Hulme
Learning styles in the classroom: educational benefit or planning exercise
Dr Jamie Pringle
The use of geoscience methods for terrestrial forensic searches
Dr Julie Green
The impact of chronic venous leg ulcers: a systematic review
Joanne Jordan
Interventions to improve adherence to exercise for chronic musculoskeletal pain in adults
Dr Jamie Pringle
The Carboniferous Southern Pennine Basin, UK
Dr Jamie Pringle
The Precambrian-Cambrian nonconformity at the Ercall Quarries, The Wrekin, Shropshire, UK
Dr Martin Hollamby
Recent advances in nanoparticle synthesis with reversed micelles
Laurence Wood
The epidemiology of patellofemoral disorders in adulthood: a review of routine general practice morbidity recording
Dr Paul Forrester
The leadership criterion: challenges in pursuing excellence in the Jordanian public sector
Professor Clifford Stott
Contemporary understanding of riots: classical crowd psychology, ideology and the social identity approach

If you need help publishing your research to the Keele Research Repository or you just want to know more about publishing Open Access, please book onto the session Publishing Your Research Open Access Using the Keele Publications Database through Keele People. Sessions are available on Wednesday 8th February (10-1), Wednesday 22nd March (10-1) or Wednesday 3rd May (10-1).

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