Tuesday, November 17, 2015

#explorearchives Original designs for bookbindings

Three unique volumes of George T. Bagguley’s finishing designs are held in the Library’s  Archives. Bagguley was an internationally renowned bookbinder of Newcastle-under-Lyme. His shop was situated on the High Street and sold books and stationery, as well as offering a printing and binding service. Established in 1890 and operating until 1952, the firm employed a number of designers (Leon V. Solon, Dorothy Talbot and Charles Connor), as well as eminent binders such as Louis Genth and Thomas E. Caley.
This elaborate design for vellum doublures (the ornamental inside lining of a book cover) was designed by Thomas E Caley in 1905. To find out more, contact the Archives h.burton@keele.ac.uk

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