Monday, March 10, 2014

Leisure Reading - brought to you by Newcastle Public Library

We have often been asked about having more fiction for leisure reading at Campus Library but we do not want to spend Library funds for this purpose. 

we chatted with our local Public Library in Newcastle Under Lyme and we now have a Leisure Collection supplied by them within the Campus Library.  Although the books belong to Newcastle Library you can check them out on your Keele Card.

We hope this will be a popular addition for many of our members. 

We'd recommend all students to become members of Newcastle Library.  As well as providing an alternative study space that may be convenient especially if you live off campus, there are some other leisure services that the local Public Library can offer you that Keele can't. 

We'd particularly mention their i-Magazines service that enables you to download a wide range of popular magazines to your phone, iPad or other tablet .  What's more, you can join the Public Library at the Keele Campus Library service desk.

For more information please speak to a member of staff.

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