Monday, April 29, 2013

It's Spring ... new look for Dawsonera e-books. Click here to read more

Have you noticed that some of our e-books look a bit different?

That's because one of our e-book suppliers (Dawsonera) has changed the way their website looks, so things look a bit different.  

Here are a few hints to help you use a Dawsonera e-book effectively once you've accessed it via (for example) the Keele Library Catalogue:

Read online icon for Dawsonera e-books

Click this icon to read a book online (the button was previously labelled "Read Online").

Alternatively ...

Table of Contents heading for Dawsonera books
You can scroll down the page once you've accessed the e-book, looking out for the image shown left;  choose a section from the contents list displayed beneath.  If you click any of the headings you should next see the corresponding text on the screen.

Handy Hints:

  • If you see this button (see right), click it to view sections within chapters: Plus sign in Table of Contents list denotes a section within a chapter;
  • Once you are viewing an e-book on-screen, click the blue arrow (example shown below) to view sections within chapters:
  • Clicking blue arrow pointing to right displays sections when viewing the e-book

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