Friday, June 3, 2011

Refworks 2.0 Is Coming To Keele!

Refworks have just released a new improved version of their software, version 2.0. Keele is adopting this new version at the end of 2011.

From August 2011, we plan to give you the option to “switch on” the new Refworks from your existing accounts. Users will be able to “toggle” between the old and new Refworks until the end of the year. From January 2012 the new version will be adopted "as standard".

If you're keen to have a look at the "new look" Refworks now, you can view this preview demo.

The new version retains all of the original functions of the old, with improved design and navigation options.

Scott McGowan, Liaison Librarian, will be offering training sessions throughout the year to help Refworks users get acqainted with the new design. These will be advertised in the usual way, primarily through the Library's website blog.

In addition, Refworks offer many "Webinars" to all Refworks users, covering all aspects of using the software. Places can be booked through the Refworks website.

Scott is happy to answer any queries on the move to Refworks 2.0, simply email him at:

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